I Heart Faces: Yellow

This week’s theme on I Heart Faces is yellow.  I don’t have a lot of yellow featured in most of my pictures.  Blue, yes, definitely.  Red, yes…I live in the Badger state.  I thought I might have some yellow in some of my Packer pictures from the Super Bowl, but definitely more green than yellow there.

So I went with a picture that I took on Friday.  I baby-sat my niece all day since she wasn’t allowed to go to daycare after having been sick.  But she was feeling well enough for us to go on a couple of adventures.  After we visited Grandpa at work, we headed to my favorite area of a nearby park.  There is a small hill that is covered in tulips at this time of year and I’d been wanting to get pictures of my niece there all week.  This year, there were quite a few more dandelions mixed in too, so I got my yellow in!  🙂

Her expression is so serious here, but I just love her focus & her eyes.  She is my favorite…

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2 Responses to I Heart Faces: Yellow

  1. Beautiful! I agree I am much more of a blue girl than a yellow girl, but I also found a pic to enter! Great choice and your niece is precious!

  2. Jenny says:

    She looks so sweet! very serious, but still very sweet!

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