Thirty by Thirty

well, we are a week into the new year and I am still feeling optimistic about keeping up with some of my resolutions!  although, they are not really resolutions this time.  I posted a list of things I would like to accomplish before I turn thirty and decided to begin it now, instead of waiting until my birthday in March.

a while back, Holly had challenged me to create a list of things to do in 2012 or before I turn thirty, and I thought the 30 thing would be more motivating for me.  turning thirty sounds strange still.  I have plenty of friends who are turning or have turned thirty, but the thought that soon (okay, I still have over a year…) I will have to say I’m in my 30s is a bit of a stunner.  I’m not quite ready for that yet.  my life doesn’t really look like I thought it would as I neared thirty, and so this list will help motivate, encourage & challenge me, and provide a few fun things along the way!

I posted the list on a page that you can access at any time at the top of my blog, but I thought I would post the list here too with a little explanation of why I chose each item.

1. have an auntie/Kaylee date once a month
it’s not hard to tell if you know me or follow me on twitter/facebook, but I love my niece A LOT.  I will freely admit to being biased, but she is the cutest, smartest & funniest 19-month old ever.  so this was more of a fun goal to spend some intentional one-on-one time with her.  most of the time when I see her, it’s with lots of other family around and so this will be a fun opportunity for just the two of us to hang out and bond.  I’m pretty excited about this one.  😉

2. host a “little girls” sleepover
a year and a half ago, I invited my 4 little girl cousins (ages 3, two 5 year olds & an 8 year old) over to our house for a sleepover in my room.  my cousin Kayla brought them & my little boy cousins Reis & Adler, but they weren’t allowed in my room for the “girls sleepover” as the little girls informed me.  so while we played with them during the day, the girls & I curled up in my room for the night with special treats, a princess movie, nail polish & lots of giggles.  it was a fun & crazy night and they thought they were so cool!   so I am going to host another one for some more giggles, lost sleep & bonding time with them.

3. plan a “big girls” sleepover
the “little girls” are actually the daughters of my first-cousins Kayla & Deanna, and we joked after the big sleepover event, that we needed to have one for us to hang out!  and we’ve continued to talk about for a year and a half now without anything being done about it.  so now it’s on the list and it has to happen!  i’ve been the youngest girl cousin on this side of the family, so I’m excited for a little grown-up time with them without kids hanging on our every move for one night!

4. ____________________
sorry, I can’t really put an explanation of this one up.  but it is rather personal, and I don’t want to name names & broadcast it across the internet.  so we’ll just leave it at that.  but you can still pray about this one for me!

5. go on a roadtrip with Holly & Stephanie
okay, so this one is kind of a cop-out, since Holly already had this on her list.  but I am excited about it and really want to make sure we do this!  we could use some good, extended time with each other and a few silly, fun adventures will of course occur when the three of us are together!

6. visit the Vandes in Colorado Springs
I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to see the Vandes almost every time they’ve come back to Wisconsin to visit, but it’s been a while since I’ve been out to see them.  plus, Mike turns 30 & Hudson turns 2 this summer, so it would be nice to get out there at some point to hang out and celebrate with them.  and I really want to see their house!  they are so grown-up to own a house…  😉

7. see the Detroit Red Wings play at Joe Louis Arena
a couple of years ago, I was lucky enough (thanks Holly!) to see my favorite NHL team play in person at the United Center against the Chicago Blackhawks.  I had a great time & loved every second of cheering for my team in a rather hostile atmosphere.  but, I’m pretty sure there is nothing like cheering on the Wings in the Joe.  Holly, Travis & I have talked about making this happen for a few years now, and it really is something I want to experience, so it has to happen now that it’s on the list!

8. go to a regular season Packer game at Lambeau Field
I live 25 minutes from Lambeau and have been to a Monday night game when I was in middle school and a couple pre-season games in more recent years.  but pre-season just doesn’t really compare to when the games actually count.  and since my team has really stepped up their game in the past couple of seasons, and I’ve fallen in love with players like Greg Jennings, Aaron Rodgers & Jordy Nelson, I decided I needed to get back and see them live!

10. see the Brewers play at Wrigley Field
this past season was a pretty fun season to be a Brewers fan, no matter what happened in the playoffs or after the season ended. and while I love Miller park, there is just something about Wrigley Field that sounds cool & fun.  and really, it’s not that far away.  so it’s on the list for a fun adventure and I’m sure it won’t be too hard to convince Stephanie or Heather to join me…

11. see five new people in concert
it is not a secret that I love music.  my iTunes library is somewhat large as a few people can attest to.  I like having a variety and I like having music playing pretty much non-stop.  this has led to a few concert adventures, most notably of late the AMAZING Mat Kearney show I saw in November.  love love love.  seriously one of the best things I did all year.  anyways, since I saw quite a few fun concerts last year, I wanted to continue that and expand who I’ve been able to see live.  I have no idea which five new people I will try to see, but I’m excited to start looking to see who will be touring and what new adventures & stories will come from this!

12. spend a weekend in Chicago
okay, so technically the last two might (#10 will!) involve going to Chicago, so these could be combined.  but Chicago is just such a fun city and there is still so much I haven’t been able to explore.  so I just want to go explore and enjoy the city a little more.  a little shopping, a lot of eating, some art, maybe a little music and a few photo opportunities are all on the list of possible activities.  this one would only be made better if I had my own personal tour guide Jennifer along with… hint, hint! 😉

13. go camping
my family was never in to camping growing up, but I loved going with Cathy’s family and then in college we had some ridiculous spring break camping trips which involve way too much for me to explain here.  but since then, I haven’t really been camping and I miss it.  my dad has a tent that has never been used, so I plan on borrowing it and enjoying a little outdoor time this summer.  I may have to do a little research to find some new, fun place to explore, or I may just go down the road to High Cliff with my brother, sister-in-law & niece!

14. buy a DSLR camera
I’ve really enjoyed learning a little more about photography in recent years and getting to play around with some experiments & tagging along to help Jennifer with some weddings.  but, it’s past time that I upgraded to a better camera and so this is me committing to really saving hard for this & buying a great camera.

15. complete photography challenge from Jennifer
I’ve asked my friend Jennifer of 2Js Photography to create a photography challenge for me to work on.  I will write more about this when she tells me what the challenge is!

Okay, there is the first half of the list.  Check out the second half here!

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  1. i feel cool that you said my name so many times. 🙂

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