Weekly Wrap-up -January 14

thought I’d try and share a few things each week that you all might enjoy too.

I read quite a few blogs and usually there are a couple that jump out more than others with something that really speaks to me, makes me laugh, or makes me think.  so I thought I would share a few from this past week so that you could read them too!

1. What Single People Wish Married People Knew – the sexy celibate
I hadn’t been following this blog, but I do have Kate’s cd and think it’s pretty great.  I found this post through a friend who had shared it on Facebook and loved it.  I totally related to, and have experienced, most of what she shared.  I really loved this line: “These formulas makes us feel like our being single has nothing to do with God’s will or our choices or the enemy or any other theory you have on why hard things happen. It has to do with our lack.”

2. Pining for Someone to Put a Ring on It– Good Women Project
I originally read this article back in September when the featured topic was singleness, but they tweeted the link to it again this week and I went back and reread it.  I enjoy reading the honest stories from other women and I love that this woman was honest with us and herself in saying: “This is not my announcement that God has called me to be single ’til death. This is me saying singleness is not a death sentence.”

3. Sonic Happy Hour or “The Christian Happy Hour”– Stuff Christians Like
This blog is pretty funny and while he slips in some challenges to our thoughts on judgement here, really I just love it because it reminds me of Myrtle Beach Summer Project 2004 when I could walk like 2 blocks to Sonic Happy Hour and enjoy a cheap, giant cherry limeade.  and he’s totally right about the ice… it is “Frozen Heaven.” 🙂

4. Slay Your Dragons Before Breakfast– Michael Hyatt
This blog often has some great leadership thoughts, but this post stuck out to me, probably because I am NOT a morning person.  My bed is just so warm and snuggly, and my room is so cold…  but I do want to be better about working out consistently and keeping up with my Bible reading plan , so this fits right with that.

5. I’m Embarrassed by Tim Tebow– Ragamuffin Soul
I thought this was great.  I like Tim Tebow, I think it has been fun to watch him this season, but the media coverage of him has been a little crazy.  ok, a lot crazy.  that has led to a divide among some Christians, you either love him or you can’t stand him.   I think he hits it on the head here though.  maybe Tim doesn’t always do it in the best, most effective way, but he never hides what he believes.  and that is more than most of us do on a daily basis.

here are a few gifts I counted this week too…
1. a gift before 9 am… beautiful sunrise on the farm
2. a gift after dark… so many stars in the clear, farm sky
3. a gift I sat with… new journal, pretty pen & Starbucks
4. something I’m seeing… love what friends gather to do at Starbucks
5. a grace in the weather… 52 degrees & swinging outside in January in WISCONSIN!
6. something beside me… love when my kitten wants to snuggle!
7. one thing I shared… a cup of “coffee” with Kaylee on our Starbucks date!

I’ve been using the Joy Dare calendar, although I haven’t been following it in order or counting 3 each day.  but it is nice to have some ideas to spur ideas of gifts.

okay, that’s enough for now…  time to watch some more football (although it’s all just a precursor to the PACKER game tomorrow!)  😉  hope you all had a good week!

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