Weekly Wrap-up -January 22

a few favorite posts of the week…

Old Lady Movie Night: You’ve Got Mail– Hello Giggles
I’m not sure how I feel about this movie being in the “old lady movie night” category, because that just makes me feel old.  but, this is one of my absolute FAVORITE movies of all time.  seriously, my mom thinks it is weird how many times I can watch this movie.  every time I watch it though, I just love it more.  I mean, it has so many books in it!  if I ever owned my own business, I would want it to be a bookstore that looks like the Shop Around the Corner.  speaking of which, I just recently watched The Shop Around the Corner, the old movie with Jimmy Stewart, which this movie was kind of based off of.  I think I need to watch it a few more times, but I do love Jimmy Stewart.  but it’s pretty hard to be beat Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan here…

Tim Tebow: The Christian Girl’s Heart-throb– Stuff Christians Like
Okay, this one is funny.  and true.  my facebook news feed is often filled with him from all the college students I’m friends with.  although, it is definitely not limited to just college students!  😉  the picture he tweeted of him & his family with Brad Paisley & the Band Perry definitely got shared more than once on my news feed..

How to be Awesome at Everything– Jon Acuff
this was good for me to read.  I definitely want to be good at everything I do, or at least to look like I’m good at it all.  I hate to fail or look stupid or be embarrassed, so this was good for me to read and remember.  I definitely wasn’t a great skater the first time I stepped on the ice and after 20 years of practicing, I like to think I’ve improved…  😉  so I need to remember that it is the same with other things.  it takes time & practice, no matter how much I want to be the best at something immediately!

Feigning Gratitude– Lindsey Nobles
the video is pretty funny, but I really love her honesty and her reflections on her waiting…
“So here I sit, wrestling, negotiating, pleading. Wondering why He is withholding ‘the good stuff’? Wondering why the desire lies in waiting? And wondering why I can’t continue to feign gratitude about my ‘half-eaten sandwich’?”  I definitely feel like this more than I probably want to admit.

Seven Ways to Keep Your Home Strong– a Holy Experience
I thought she had some great ideas here.  I don’t have my own home right now, but I love her suggestions and the way she has set out her home to make prayer a priority and has made it accessible with many reminders around them.  what a great way to make it a discipline and an integral part of their home & family.

The Danger of Trying to Please God– Rick Thomas
I found this through an excerpt on Tullian Tchividjian’s blog and thought it was great.  it is definitely easy for me to fall into following lists and just checking things off instead of being rightly motivated.  this was a good heart check to see what my real motivation is.  am I just trying to be a good girl or am I really experiencing the Gospel and am motivated by that?

okay, there were a few others I liked, but we will leave it at that for now.  I still want to fit some gifts in this post yet, so please keep reading!

8. something I’m reading… Grace for the Good Girl

9. a gift from God’s Word… “yet you have made him a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor” – psalm 8:5

10. something above me… or on top of me… fiyero snuggled up at last!
11. gift on a plate… yummy & healthy tortilla pizza
12. something below me… my kitten waiting for me
13. a sound I hear… Kaylee’s pouring noise during our tea party!
14. a gift that made me laugh… proxy curled up & barely fitting in
15. where I saw light… simon watching the birds through the window
16.  a gift outside… softly falling snow
17. a yellow thing that struck me as fresh mercy… a bowl full of my favorites- fresh, sweet pineapple & pomegranates
still working my way through the January list of the Joy Dare!

I guess that is all for now… I’ll be back soon to share about my volunteer experience for the month!

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  1. Thanks for the blog mention! Appreciate it and your kind words about the post.

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