Weekly Wrap-Up – April 1

sorry it’s been a while.

kind of fell off the wagon for a while, but I’m back in the swing of things again.

I’m officially 29 now, so we are down to less than a year to the big 3-0… so I’m really focusing on my list again.  I even signed up for a boot-camp!  yikes.

anyways, a small step back into the blogging world, I thought I’d link to a few blog posts that I enjoyed from the past few weeks.  since there are so many, I thought I’d do it thematically this week.  so today’s blog links all revolve around singleness.  not because I’m feeling particularly lonely or down about being single, but because there have been a lot of posts that I have really enjoyed and wanted to share.

Surviving Church as a Single– Stuff Christians Like
YES, YES, YES.  My faves being #5 (if I had a date for every time I heard this…), #6 (seriously?!), #17 (I have a cat. I still worry about being the crazy cat lady), #21 (yup, has happened many times), #30 (ouch, but true), and #39 (this one is my favorite.  and I totally have this radar.  I refuse to participate. please do not point out in front of everyone & their mom that I am still single.)

A Letter to My Younger Self on Valentine’s Day– Good Women Project
You feel cheated right now, wondering why the God of the universe didn’t make you alluring or talkative or anything like the girls you wish you were, but you’re wrong. You’re so wrong. Because, when God made you, he didn’t step back and look at the finished product and say, “good enough”.
Um, yes. That is definitely how I feel sometimes. 

Being Single on Valentine’s Day is Not an Excuse to be Pathetic– Caitlin Muir
Good reminder.

An Open Letter to Christian Singles– thornscompose
Some good advice and he starts with a lyric from Mumford & Sons. 🙂

In Praise of Singleness– Mars Hill
Definitely needed some of these reminders. “But, if I do get married one day, I know that after we say I do, I won’t automatically know how to communicate with my husband. I won’t magically start reading my Bible. I cannot expect my relationship with God to suddenly become easy and perfect. It takes work, and I need to use this time to do just that. And Jesus promises that married or single, he will be with us along the way. ”

I’ve Been That Single Girl– CruPress
I probably could have bought multiple Kitchen Aid mixers with the amount of money I’ve spent on showers & weddings.  Not that I am upset about the gifts, I love giving gifts to my friends.  But I do really want that Kitchen Aid too!
“I need to trust that God knows what He is doing and if I’m single, then God has a purpose in my singleness that I must be careful not to waste.”

Sleeping Alone– sayable
I thought this was a beautiful picture of how I feel some mornings.

For the Gals: 8 Principles for Dating– the Resurgence
some good thoughts & suggestions.

When a Comment Breaks Your Heart– Incourage
I love Annie’s posts & her heart.  and since it happens to relate to where I’m at in life, I appreciate the feeling of community & the realization that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

The Cheese Stands Alone, but You Shouldn’t– Incourage
Annie discusses the question of “what do you do when you are the last single girl in the bunch?”  That is quickly becoming my lot in life and I was encouraged by her suggestions.

Brotip #1415a– jbryantwrites
okay, this one was just plain funny.  and I do enjoy How I Met Your Mother.

Wow.  that’s enough for now.  I promise I will do better at posting.  then these great blog links won’t pile up quite so much and hopefully I will be working harder at my 30×30 list…

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