thirty by thirty

30 things for me to accomplish before I turn 30…

1. have an auntie/Kaylee date once a month
2. host a “little girls” sleepover
3. plan a “big girls” sleepover
4.  _____ (sorry, this one is personal & I don’t want to broadcast it across the internet…)
5.  go on a roadtrip with Holly & Stephanie
6. visit the Vandes in Colorado Springs
7. see the DetroitRedWings play at Joe Louis Arena
8. go to a regular season Packer game at Lambeau Field
9. see the Brewers play at Wrigley Field
10. see 5 new people in concert
11. spend a weekend in Chicago
12. take 4 extra trips to the farm
13. go camping
14. buy a DSLR camera
15. complete photography challenge from Jennifer
16. learn to crochet
17. do a pinterest/craft project once a month for a gift
18. blog once a week
19. count 1000 gifts
20. read & review 14 blog books (from such programs as Booksneeze or Blogging for Books)
21. read 1 non-fiction book a month
22.  read through the entire Bible (I will be following this plan online, feel free to join me or keep me accountable!)
23. have a half-day with the Lord once a month
24. memorize the entire book of James
25. volunteer somewhere once a month
26. work out 3 times a week
27. run a 5K without walking
28. get a dog
29.  stick to my zero-based budget for 6 months
30. get a “new-to-me” car


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